Daily self-evaluation questions


1. How do I feel about where I am in life?

-Am I happy with the direction I’m going?
-Did I bring myself closer to my personal goals by taking action recently?
-Did I treat the people I care about the way they deserve?

2. Do I actually know where it is I want to go?

-Am I getting out of bed with a driven purpose? Or simply to let another day pass by?
-Do I have a clear vision of the life I’m working to build?
-What motivation if behind this life vision?

3. What must be done to change those answers to positive outcomes if they represent negative circumstances?

-What is one change I can make today to bring myself into alignment with the direction I desire? (I.E. Closer to your goals)
-What choice or action have I been putting off? Do to either fear or a lack of motivation?
            -What must be done to move past said choice or action?

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