Faith, Action, and Trust

 Understanding the force of life

Whether you call it God, higher self, the force, ect. The title does not matter. It is the energy that surrounds us, protects us, and shapes us. This force governs and aligns us with all living things. When taping into this force, or simply allowing it to work with you and through you without restrictions, you open the door to true manifestation.

Being one with all

            Step back for a moment, and think of yourself as an extension of a collective whole. Experiencing life through your own existence and experiences, but not separate from the collective. When putting the idea of oneness into this thought, we understand we are just experiencing life through a different set of eyes. God or Force cannot experience the full spectrum of life through only one existence. This allows us to understand that while yes, there may be 7 billion people; we are all one, experiencing as much as possible at the current moment through our own unique lives but not separate from each other.


With that understanding, you can allow yourself to trust that you are loved, appreciated, and granted the ability to experience as much as possible. We are conditioned to think as humans we are limited. But this is not the case. God wants us to experience everything and anything we can dream of or desire. This is the green light for you to start feeling in every inch of your being that you deserve what you desire.

“Think of your own desires to manifest as having been placed here by spirit, and that those desires, which are housed in love and service, are precisely what God wants to give you, and that your desire is the direct path to receiving those blessings.”

Wayne W. Dyer – Manifest Your Destiny

Allow yourself to trust that God or force is with you in every thought, everything material, and always in reach. Allow trust to cast over the mind, opening the door for communication with the force of creation. Right now, feel it around you, trust that it wants the absolute best for you. Because it is you, as you are it. Experiencing life as an individual, but part of the overall. No longer shall you doubt that you can or should have something. Understand the more you desire the more you can experience. The more you can experience the more your soul can grow; and as your soul grows, so does the collective spiritual body that is all. Doubt limits us to a less than divine experience, which is not Gods will. That is the ego casting fear and doubt into our hearts masking the truth that is divinity. Simplified that is the ego holding us back.


Once you have an understanding that you are an extension of the overall collective, experiencing life through your own eyes, you trust in God, and the force at work, you feel deserving anything you desire is yours to have, you have overcome the ego, and its divide; you can now focus on your desires, and start the creation process.

You are now ready to start the manifestation process. I would encourage you to sit down for an hour after reading this and create a Life Vision plan. (If you have the desire to learn more or have questions on the topic ill attach a link to my article on the Life Vision plan.) Doing this will create a core understanding for what you truly want to experience in this life. Ask yourself, what do I actually want in life. Relationship’s, career, socially, family, material objects, it’s really up to you. Ask yourself what is my personal fulfillment?

Once you have completed this, you will know without any doubt, where you want life to truly take you. For most of us, it will seem as though it is impossible to reach such lofty goals. But that’s where trust comes into play. If you read the quote I placed at the bottom of this section, you will be reminded nothing is out of reach. For it is not our job to find a way, it is only our job to desire.

I’ve listed a quote below leading to my personal belief that our desires of spirit are often brought to us by God.

“This undifferentiated power is the basis for the mysterious attraction that draws your desires to you” Wayne W. Dyer – Manifest Your Destiny

If you look deep into those words you find the simple idea that our greatest desires are not that of self but of God. Remind yourself we live to experience, and to expand the overall collective. We often desire things because the world around use markets this material need to us. If you look at your vision plan ask yourself if the world around you has built those desires or have they come from the heart. If you find your desires come from a need to keep up with society, I would encourage you to take some time to reassess. Personal fulfillment can only come from a pursuit of passion and purpose, and a realization of personal potential. When you understand what it is in life you actually want, clear the mind, picture the life you desire to have. Believe it is yours to experience. Feel that vision as though it is not just in your future but that it is in fact YOURS.

Most articles on the Law of attraction tell you to act as though you already have this desire. While I agree with the idea I feel as though it’s important not to trick yourself into a belief that has yet to manifest. It is more important to feel as though your desire does, in fact, belong to you, and it is yours to have. It is more a matter of aligning with your desire than it is feeling as though you already have it. When you truly feel ready, that is the moment your desire is on its way. So if you feel a lack of anything, you are only pushing your desire further away. Whatever it is you desire, feel it is time, clear your mind, and simply ask for it to come into your life.

“You have within yourself the ability to attract the objects of your desire.”

This is often hard for a lot of people to truly understand. For years I struggled with this myself. Self-doubt and the feeling of lack had always held me back. I didn’t trust and I didn’t feel deserving. It wasn’t until I moved past my ego and learned to trust, that life began to change. So please, understand you deserve what you desire. And feel it is truly yours to have when you are ready. And remember, you must ask for what you desire.

“Ask and it is given”

Mental picturing

Mental picturing is the process of envisioning your desires through thought, forming pictures that create a vision of the life you desire. If we scale this back it’s really just a matter of sitting down, thinking about your life vision plan or identifying a current desire and envisioning that desire as a part of your life. It is important here to see that desire in your mind, as a fulfilled desire. The end result stage of your desire, if you will, this is important because you do not know the path to that desire. You can only envision that desire itself. The world will place the events leading to its manifestation in front of you. If you try and envision those steps, you place an extreme amount of resistance upon its potential to manifest. You want to build your desires into a way of being, when you form this thought, feel what its like to be living that life. Feel as if it’s only a matter of time before you are living that exact life. Feel the love, the joy, and the gratitude for everything you experience in those thoughts. It is important while you experience this exercise you feel deserving. While in a state of creation you must feel as though you deserve the desire you are working to manifest. For it is coming into your life this very second. This is what moves us into a state of action.

“There is a power within that allows you to form a thought or picture. This mental-picturing is the energy of attraction that is in all the creative processes. Moreover, it is identical with the power of attraction. The power is the very substance of life.”

“When you visualize, you metalize”

“When you’ve been there in the mind, you’ll go there in the body”


Now that you are in alignment it‘s time to take action. When you are clear on what you desire the world will be working to bring it into your life. Listen to your heart, when you are faced with a situation and your intuition kicks in be sure to act. Anytime you feel as though you should take action, do it. Do not allow fear to hold back change. The more you act, the easier it gets. Bringing you closer to your desires. One day you will look around surrounded by the life you envisioned.

If you are still questioning what exactly you need to do, follow this simple approach to help with action. When you get out of bed each morning spend 10 minutes to yourself. Spend 5 minutes thinking about everything you are so very grateful for. Maybe your job, friends, family, spouse, whatever you are truly grateful for in life. Then over the next five minutes, go over your desires. Envision yourself as if that life was your life today. Believe again that it is yours. Feel love for the world that is around you. And finally, ask for it to manifest in your life. Leave this state of meditation with complete trust that your desires are on their way.

For the rest of your morning routine feel gratitude for all that is, experience the joy that comes with knowing your desires are on their way. When you leave the house go-out into the world and spread those feelings of love and joy. Be the inspiration for change you want to see in your world, and give it to others. For that, will bring change into your life in ways you simply can’t imagine.

“When you have an inspired thought, you have to trust it, and you have to act on it”

Time Frame and size of your desire

Let me try and make this very clear. Size does not matter. The universe doesn’t see creation in the context of big and small. If you have a desire to wake up at 8:00 am or win the lottery, both are just a matter of desire. While waking up at 8:00 am seems to us as a minute desire, to the universe it is simply a desire. But it is one we BELIEVE we can achieve and deserve. While winning the lottery has been made to seem like this larger than life, unobtainable matter of luck. Luck simply does not exist. Alignment however does. So again, this goes back to the belief you are deserving, and that more importantly that it is yours to experience. All that is left to do is trust. Trusting that with faith and action, it will manifest in time.

Letting go of your past

Each day I like to remind myself I’m born anew. The man I was yesterday was a reflection of the thoughts from days that preceded it. The same will be said for the man I end up becoming. With that said, I choose who I will become through my thoughts, just as you choose who you will become. So no matter the person you were yesterday, ask yourself who you want to be today? And more importantly, who do you want to become down the road. You must let the guilt of your former life go, you must let the pain of your younger years pass; you must choose to do better today. For the past is only a shadow reminding us of our experiences. Use it when the time requires, but don’t give it the power to control your life through feelings of guilt or remorse.

Stay positive in your thoughts

“Money comes easily and frequently”

“Life is meant to be abundant in all areas”

“We are creators of our universe”

“We create our own happens through the Law of Attraction”

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